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9.27.2018PCS Advisory: Non-Tax Reasons for Estate Planning
9.19.2018DOL Publishes New FMLA Forms (Sort Of)
8.31.2018Hiring U.S. Citizens Only for ITAR Compliance Can Violate the Immigration and Nationality Act
8.22.2018Recent Rule Reduces Export License Requirements for India
8.3.2018Insurance News, Summer 2018
8.3.2018U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Updates Entity List with 44 Entities in China
7.13.2018University Wins Important Tuition Claw-Back Case
6.28.2018OFAC Implements JCPOA Withdrawal Revoking General Licenses and Prepares to Reimpose Sanctions on Delisted Parties
6.15.2018The LabMD Decision Reins In the FTC's Authority to Issue Broadly Worded and Ill-Defined Orders
6.11.2018Connecticut Tax Laws Respond to Federal Limitation on State and Local Tax Deduction
6.8.2018ALJ Ruling Upholds $4.3 Million in HIPAA Penalties for Lack of Portable Device Encryption
5.21.2018U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Updates Unverified List
5.10.2018Connecticut Bans Employers From Inquiring About Applicants' Pay History
5.8.2018Trump Withdraws From Iran Nuclear Deal – U.S. To Reimpose Sanctions
4.24.2018Removal of Trustees: Practice Points and Strategy from Rodowicz v. Bernard
4.9.2018From Oligarch to SDN: New Designations Deepen Risks of Business with Russia
4.6.2018OIG Issues Telehealth Report
3.12.2018Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law
3.1.2018Joint Employer Claims Survive Motions To Dismiss In The Western District Of Pennsylvania And The Eastern District Of Michigan
2.22.2018CHRONIC Care Act Heralds New Era for Telehealth
2.12.2018Faculty Non-Poaching Agreements Pose Significant Antitrust Risks
2.1.2018CVS v. Press America: Business Associate Agreement Indemnities
1.23.2018The Connecticut Supreme Court Recognizes a New Cause of Action for the Breach of a Health Care Provider's Duty of Confidentiality
1.22.2018Impact of United States Government Shutdown on the United States Patent and Trademark Office
1.18.2018DOL Adopts Less Stringent Internship Test Under FLSA
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