We believe that diversity enhances our ability to develop creative and exceptional approaches to serving our clients' needs, our communities, and our profession. Our clients and prospective clients value diversity and expect their outside counsel to staff their matters with diverse lawyers.

As part of the firm's strategic planning, we recognized diversity as a management initiative and a business imperative and developed a written Diversity and Inclusion Plan with a goal to increase our diversity, in order to better serve our clients and promote an environment that fosters inclusiveness. We actively seek to attract, retain, and promote lawyers with diverse backgrounds and to provide all of our attorneys with meaningful opportunities to thrive at each stage of their careers. We strive to create and maintain a collegial work environment that values excellence, encourages innovation, and embraces everyone regardless of background.

The firm is one of the initial signatories to The Connecticut Legal Community's Diversity & Inclusion Pledge & Plan, which calls on legal organizations to reaffirm their ongoing commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion within their own organizations and within the Connecticut legal community as a whole. The Plan provides for a collaborative effort that is intended to identify and implement best practices for the promotion of diversity and inclusion, with a different focus for each of the next several years, including education and training, hiring and pipeline initiatives, retention, and leadership and career advancement.

The firm is also a member of the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity.

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